OK, finally, it comes: In London (my latest published novel)

Apologise to all my readers who have been waiting for so long.. The publishing contract was signed in Feb last year when I was travelling in Sydney, south of the earth, the novel was signed to be published in August 2017, however it finally comes out just now, March 2018, plus even not yet now, as Amazon still needs 3 more weeks to get those books from my publisher and to send to readers.

In the past six months when the publishing issue was taken on place for many unexpected reasons, trust me, I have fighted from the beginning to the end and even went through all senior positioned people such as the chairman of the PLC pulbishing house, however, I am sorry to say, my effort couldn't make any chances, and even made things worse: because right now what you can read from this book/novel, for the well known publishing censorship in China, there are more than 5000 words being deleted straight away from my original script, due to relating to some poitical and government movement (such as the cultural revolution); plus, there are other small deletions and revises without having acknowledged me as the author. To be honest, even I couldn't understand why some paragraphes, which was about the British Rock Music, were deleted too, regardless of it has nothing to do with either politics or China.

However the worst thing is, the 4000 words foreword which was written by my dear friend and spiritual mentor -- Swedish Taiwanese writer, Sinologist Göran Malmqvist's wife Chen-Malmqvist, was unable to be published for some hard-to-explain reason. The entire workout for getting this novel published in China is just completely a madness and an unbelievable challenge for a writer's conscience and bottom line.

But finally, it comes out, after being castrated. I am very glad of it, although I have been totally worn out for such a tortured and arduous journey of making it out: In London  

This is my 10th book.

Despite that on Amazon's website it says the earliest date they can delivery is 20th March 2018, yesterday, when this book was just published online, with no introduction, no summaries, no story line, not even a single word about what this novel was, there was ONLY a cover photo on Amazon, suprisingly, I found this yet-to-come book sold so many copies without any description, and even pushed its bestselling rank to #167 in the bestselling fiction list!! (see the cached pic) Cannot describe how happy I felt, and thank you all, my dearest readers and followers, in China, and in the UK.

I love you all. For you my dear readers, all those hard work and difficult journey I have suffered for getting this book done, was all worth of it. Because of you, who understand me and support me all the time from the very beginning of my writing journey, because of you.

Again, all my love is to you, to you all. And I wish you enjoy reading this novel, i.e. part of my life back to the time when I was writing it, in London.

If you want to own a copy and read my story: https://www.amazon.cn/gp/product/B07B658B1X

below is a message that one of my readers who resident in the UK sent to me, asking whether I could do a book-signing and selling event in London, because he/she was deseparate to read it...lol... well, I have @ the publishing house but I don't think this idea is practical...at the first place, how come the Chinese publishing house delivery those books from far east China to London? it would take months!

but still, thank you my lovely reader, for even requesting so, I love your idea though. :)


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    1. 天啊,你说了什么居然会被封??我的脸书不经常用啊,你再注册一个微博好了

  2. 我也不造啊!我天天转发个猫猫狗狗的也被封!我也很绝望啊!


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